Single £235 plus VAT

Pair £375 plus VAT

Our Level 1 Will is suitable for simple family and financial circumstances and if your wishes for your Will are very straightforward.

LEVEL 2 WILL – Protecting your family, protecting your business

Single £380 plus VAT

Pair £600 plus VAT

Our Level 2 Will is suitable for more complicated family and financial circumstances, especially if you or your partner have children from a previous relationship or have been married before.

This Will can also be tailored to protect assets from care home fees, to retain assets in the family in the event of relationship breakdown or bankruptcy, to protect the inheritance of a vulnerable individual or to ensure the succession of your family business.

LEVEL 3 WILL – A bespoke will for complicated, high value estates

Price on application

We will agree a fixed fee with you at our initial meeting, when we have had the opportunity to consider with you the nature of your estate and your wishes for your Will.

Our Level 3 Will is likely to be appropriate for you if you own a farming businesses, multiple properties and/or substantial business assets.

Legal Protection Package

Make your lasting power of attorney at the same time as your Will and save 50% off our standard lasting power of attorney prices

Lasting powers of attorney

£400 plus VAT for each lasting power of attorney

Legal Protection Package Discount Price – £200 plus VAT for each lasting power of attorney

There will also be a registration fee payable to the Office of the Public Guardian of £82 for each lasting power of attorney.

We offer bothProperty and Financial Affairs’ andHealth and Welfare’ lasting powers of attorney. A lasting power of attorney allows you give authority to appoint family, friends or a professional representative to manage your financial or medical affairs on your behalf.

We would always recommend that our clients have a lasting power of attorney in place, particularly in respect of property and financial affairs, because we have seen the value of these documents in practice when a person is struck by sudden illness or begins to struggle with mental or physical infirmity.

Advance decision about medical treatment or ‘Living Will’

Single £120 plus VAT

Pair £175 plus VAT

A ‘living Will’ is a document which records your wishes for medical treatment, especially about end of life care. The document comes into use if you become unable to make decisions about your own medical treatment. In such circumstances, a living Will can give your family invaluable guidance and reassurance that they are following your wishes if they are called upon to make medical decisions on you behalf.

Severance of joint tenancy

£100 plus VAT

In certain circumstances, we will advise that the joint ownership of your property should be changed from ‘joint tenants’ into ‘tenants in common’ by means of a notice of severance, to ensure that the property passes as you intend under the terms of your Will.

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